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Project Description
This project contains files that will automatically generate Visual Studio Sharepoint solution template for you. It's a combination of STSDEV and Gerald De Run's solution template.

It has custom build commands (same as STSDEV) but also utilising VBS scripts that will create manifest.xml and DDF file for you.

The Goal
The goal of this project is to provide Sharepoint developers an easy way to develop Sharepoint modules using Visual Studio. Using solution and feature deployment, too will allow team development.

This tool is similar to STSDEV and other Sharepoint solution generator tools (SPTemplateLand, etc) . So my point is, use whatever tool you wish (even if you have to create your own) as long as it helps you automating the creation of DDF, manifest.xml, and CAB files (and also automating the deployment of these files to Sharepoint).

To see tutorial please click the URL below:

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